About Us

Khushi Financial Services was incorporated as a brand company with a vision to be a leading value added service provider in the financial market to meet the demands of its growing & diverse clientele by sending their hard earned money to work at a better rate of return with the least possible risk.

Since the inception of the company Khushi Financial has served as a Senior Financial Advisor and Strategic Planner for over 1000 investors, individual’s & companies along with the erstwhile support of Khushi Financial.

Khushi financial services(KFS) is a ten years old financial services group offering multiple financial and investments option under one roof. We have biggest product basket and best expertise in its class and we advice unique and suitable product for every age group and every investor segment. KFS has tie ups with leading Real-Estate.

Companies, insurance companies, mutual fund AMC’s, stock broking firms, companies offering fixed deposits etc. We have built up customer trust and credibility through qualitative service and prompt redresal of queries. The company has always been driven by a desire to create values for its customers by customer-First approach. Ethical and transparent business practices, reverence for professionalism and implementation of cutting-edge technology. We are therefore a well self developed company which is best placed to serve you better. A convincing index of our customer loyalty is that nearly 97% of our customers have been with us for period of ten years. This means that a bulk of our customers have subscribed to our services on a long-term basis.

KFS strength lies in its team of young, talented and confident individuals. Qualified and experience professionals to carry out different functions under the able leadership of its Promoter Mr. Ashit C. Ghelani.