Residential Home

The land is used in residential areas in opposition to industrial and commercial areas, housing changes significantly among the housing areas and with it, these include single-family housing, multi-family residences or mobile homes. For residential use can allow some services or executive opportunities or allow the use of high-density land to completely exclude business and industry or may allow only low-density access.

A residential zone usually includes a small floor area ratio than business, commercial, industrial or manufacturing zone, the area may be larger or smaller.

Selling is a deal between two parties where the buyer receives goods tangible or abstract in exchange for money, services or property, it can specify an agreement on the security price between the buyer and the seller. Selling functions as an agreement between good choice or service buyer and seller.

Benefits of Residential Home

– Provide all types of amenities and facilities.

– Acquired with the innovative structure for a residential home.

– Earn money as an increasing value of your property in wealth.

– The best way to buy and sell new and resale homes in the local area.

– A residential home is one of the famous for buying and selling in a local area.


The total area covered by high rise buildings above the plinth level, and including all covered area like a basement, mezzanine flooring, balcony whether covered or not, constructed boundary of swimming pool, storage tanks constructed underground or above the ground, storage of open space like timber, granite & bricks. Stilts meant for parking and GSM tower or other towers and hoardings erected on the surface or top of any other open space of land or building.

Returns along with Challans could be generated in any of the RMC help centers, citizen service centers and browsing center or individually by online in RMC website. But payment has to be invariably made in jurisdictional any relevant bank branches only by Cash / Cheque / DD / Pay order drawn in favour of commissioner RMC.

Rajkot jurisdiction has been classified into various value zones, based on the published guide value of the Stamps and Registration Department, a separate appendix has been published in the map containing the zone classification in a particular direction.