Our Offerings

  • Live Classes – online video lectures, chat, digital blackboard, screen sharing, recording, file sharing..
  • Learning Management System – online notes, auto-­‐evaluated assignments & tests, auto‐generated reports, educator & students notes
  • Institution Management System – digital attendance, notice board, admission, fee tracking, sms alerts

Learning Management System

  • digital smart teaching, learning, revision & assessment platform
  • speedups learning & revision
  • reduces complexity of teaching workflows & learning process
  • improves academic performance
  • makes learning practice oriented
  • incorporates researched techniques for higher retention
  • reduces recurring burden of checking & doubt clarification
  • ready made chapter notes, auto-­evaluated assignments & tests, progress report
  • separate preparation for competitions (like JEE / NEET) is NOT required
  • complete visibility of students’ efforts, progress, speed, accuracy to parents & teachers
  • automates evaluation of assignments & assessments
  • AI & ML based adaptive learning

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