Why Home Loan From Us ?

Home loans can come in many different types, which clearly share a large part of the buyers lives, choose adjustable or fixed rates, can offer loans for 10, 15, or 30 years and can only decide, how much money to invest in a down payment is all crucial decisions.

Most people do not have cash to pay for a home full, they can apply for a home loan, which will have to pay monthly during a specific time period.

Benefits of Home Loans

  • – Home loan lenders get tax benefits on both interest payment and principal payments.
  • – Under section 24 of the Income Tax Act, interest deductions payable on home loans are on the company’s loan criteria.
  • – Under section 80 (c) of the Income Tax Act, the principal amount for repayment of the loan with other savings and investments is eligible for deduction as per the loan limit.
  • – Tax Benefits on Home Loan Section 24, 80 EE and 80C

Home Loan required documents and criteria

  • – Income Background
  • – Submit a number of documents with KYC
  • – Documents required vary from bank to bank.
  • – Depending on category of customers salaried, professional, businessman or NRI


Immediate family members such as parents, husband and children are allowed joint loan of home loan.

If the interest rate on the loan is different from the period of the loan periodically, then it is called floating rate home loan. Lenders have their own base rate which determines the interest rate on the home loan. Based on RBI’s directives and other factors, the base rates of banks are revised from time to time, which leads to increase or decrease in EMI amounts payable.

Fixed rate home loans are offered at a fixed interest rate during the tenure of the loan and it remains unchanged during the tenure of the loan regardless of market conditions. if Reserve Bank increases interest rates on loans, it can be a big advantage when market volatility affects interest rates, then there will be no impact on people with fixed rate mortgage rates by increasing market interest rates and EMIs. These types of home loans are less popular these days.

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